Skierniewice and Tarnow, Poland

plant for optimised concrete curing

For Bruk-Bet, an established Polish manufacturer of concrete blocks, we have completed a turnkey plant for optimised concrete curing. The system provides the company with a solid basis for achieving manufacturing targets for Europe-wide export, in line with cost-reducing and energy-saving processes – all while maintaining the high quality of Polish manufacturing. It's all part of helping Bruk-Bek become an innovative market leader and securing its site and brand for the long term.

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In order to meet the various requirements, a complex plant was planned and implemented using the integrated CureComplete system. This system enables accelerated hardening of the concrete blocks in an insulated curing chamber with constant temperatures of 50°C and a relative humidity of up to 98%. In this process, the incoming air is heated to the setpoint with the help of a hot air generator. In parallel, the CureFog humidification system provides the required amount of humidity by means of water mist.

During the post-treatment period, the moist warm air is extracted from the chamber, heated to the setpoint via a stainless steel heat exchanger and returned to the chamber. The air circulation system circulates the warm humid air within the chamber, ensuring uniform temperature and humidity parameters at all levels. If humidity levels are too high, fresh outside air is automatically supplied to the system via the supply air damper and ventilated to the outside via the exhaust air damper until the set humidity setpoint is reached.

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The automatic control system takes over the control of all system components as well as the monitoring and evaluation of all sensor data. The system is operated via a touch screen.

Our services included the entire engineering as well as the assembly and commissioning of the plant from a single source. This includes the steel construction of the chambers as a single-chamber system with separate automatically controlled insulated roller doors as well as the insulation of the chambers and the entire outer facades. For each chamber, a central extraction system and a separate heating and circulation system were integrated on the roof. In order to be able to implement different processes for different products, each chamber is fully automatically adjustable. There is total of 21 chambers with individual heaters for separate control of temperatures and humidity.

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