Our promise of quality

We set great store by quality

With CureTec, we set great store by high quality – both in using high-quality materials and products and, equally, in providing reliable support in terms of training, assistance, service & maintenance and certification.

In addition, one important component in ensuring the efficient operation of our systems in the long term is the integration of intelligent control systems. Through a synergy of high-quality sensors and modern heat recovery technologies, we ensure that a system doesn’t need to run around the clock, but only operates when really necessary. This not only ensures markedly lower operating costs and significantly reduced CO2 emissions, but also gives your system a considerably longer service life.

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Thinking one step ahead

As the leading company in the sector, we attach great importance to the sustainable operation of our systems in the long term. One important element here is the use of intelligent control systems combined with high-quality sensors. As a result, our systems only run when really necessary. Plus, depending on the requirements and the local situation, we rely not only on gas, propane or oil for operating our systems, but also install intelligent hot-water systems.

In addition, we regularly integrate modern cross-flow heat exchangers with an efficiency of up to 80 per cent. This ensures that the residual heat and residual moisture is not simply sucked away but is instead largely channelled back into the process and thus available for dehumidifying the posttreatment chamber. This enables cost and CO2 savings of up to 40 per cent! In many cases, it’s even possible to additionally take advantage of funding opportunities and tax benefits.

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Extensive service around the clock

To ensure a consistently high level of planning and operational reliability for your concrete posttreatment, we are on hand to provide you with professional service, support and spare parts management. Thanks to our global operations, we’re here for you around the clock!

On request, we also offer extended trainings, individual maintenance contracts, regular check-ups and exhaust fume monitoring to reduce your operating costs. This ensures that your concrete curing system works optimally at all times – regardless of whether or not it’s a CureTec system.

A major plus for you is the integrated remote maintenance that’s a standard feature of every system. In many cases, our trained service technicians can use it to access the control elements of your system at any time and quickly analyse and (if need be) correct any errors and malfunctions, regardless of geographic location.

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