The powerful complete system for concrete curing

Concrete Curing System CureComplete

With CureComplete, we offer you a efficient complete system for concrete curing that integrates individually sized components for controlling heat, humidity and air circulation, depending on the project requirements. All solutions can be implemented in our large-capacity chambersfor concrete curing as well as in individual concrete curing chambers.

Concrete Curing Systems

To generate heat, we use modern hot air generators with outputs of between 20 kW/h and 1000 kW/h, which can be optionally run on gas, fuel oil, electricity, steam or hot water. The moisture thereby required can be optionally generated either by our CureSteam low pressure steam generator or by our CureFog moisturisation system.

To complete the product portfolio, constant air circulation is provided by fans with outputs ranging from 1,000 m³/h to over 100,000 m³/h. For the air distribution, we use corrosion-resistant systems made of various materials.

All concrete curing and system parameters are controlled and visually displayed by a Siemens S7 unit. The systems are conveniently operated via a touchscreen. Other control systems, such as Mitsubishi or Beckhoff, can also be deployed as required.

Talk to us: our professionals will be most happy to assist your development teams in the areas of software development, construction and project & quality management. We also optimize your controlled concrete curing.

  • Complete, high-performance concrete curing system
  • Integrates components to control heat, humidity, and air circulation in controlled concrete curing
  • Convenient operation of the entire concrete curing plant via a touch screen

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