We offer a variety of rack systems, chambers and tents for concrete curing.

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Rack systems

We supply complete rack systems for the concrete paving stone, block or paving slab industry. All racks are individually designed, built and assembled according to customer requirements.

On request, we can supply complete racks as an outdoor structure, including all walls and roofs and with all necessary accessories – such as rainwater run-offs, outdoor lighting and more.

In order to optimally protect our racks from any environmental influences and to prevent rusting, the systems are only hot-dip galvanised after production or, on request, made of stainless steel.

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Curing chambers

To ensure controlled concrete curing, an enclosed space is required in which a perfect climate can be created for the curing process. Optimally, this chamber is constructed of materials that to the greatest possible extent prevent heat from escaping and at the same time ensure a long service life for the chamber. At CureTec, we manufacture individually tailored curing chambers that precisely meet these standards.

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Tent solutions

If a curing chamber is needed that can be quickly and easily stored away after use, then mobile tent systems are the answer. Our solutions can be set up manually with little effort and then folded up to a fraction of their size so that the site can immediately be used for other purposes.

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