Baden-Baden, Germany

Complete system for accelerated curing

Schöck Bauteile, based in Baden-Baden, Germany, offers its customers high-quality solutions for the sustainable improvement of building quality. The range of services also includes industrially manufactured elements made of concrete. In order to increase production capacity while ensuring high quality in line with cost-reducing and energy-saving measures, we completed for the company a turnkey plant for optimised concrete curing.

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In order to implement the different requirements, a complex plant with the entire CureComplete system was planned and implemented. The system enables accelerated curing of the different concrete products in an insulated curing chamber with constant temperatures of 50°C and a relative humidity of up to 98%.

Our services included the entire engineering as well as assembly and commissioning of the system from a single source. This includes the steel construction of the chambers as a large-chamber system with separate automatically controlled insulated roller doors as well as the insulation of the chambers and the entire outer facades. For each chamber, a central extraction system and a separate heating and circulation system were integrated on the roof. A special feature is that all components as well as the air distribution systems were created in stainless steel throughout to ensure optimised longevity despite higher humidity. Each chamber is also adjustable to implement different processes for different products.

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