Sóskút, Hungary

Heating system for the entire Bayer Construct plant in Hungary

Bayer Construct is one of Hungary's major construction companies. As a follow-up order for our project-specific solution for concrete hardening of steel girders for the Puskás Aréna in Budapest, we completed a turnkey heating centre for the entire Bayer Construct plant in Sóskút, Hungary. The system comprises a CureAgg aggregate heating system, a CureBed convection heating system and the CureCast hot-air heating system.

The aggregate heating CureAgg system uses dry heating air as a heating medium in order to be able to reliably manufacture concrete products even in the winter months. The convection heating CureBed system provides heat with the help of heated water circulating in a closed pipe system underneath the concrete product. The CureCast hot-air heating system heats the chamber air and ensures uniform temperatures with the help of continuous air circulation.

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